Archives (DMS)

Container and revision security

In order to select the appropriate storage system for an archiving solution, two fundamental questions need to be answered:

  • Should the data be stored in multiple locations at the same time?
  • Is it sufficient to obtain the "audit-proof" certificate with the help of process descriptions and the archiving software?

The market leaders of storage products offer WORM (write-once-read-many) functionalities as a replacement for the classic jukeboxes. In the past, "audit-proof" was always equated with "non-rewritable". In current projects, however, audit firms are demanding a lot more, as the purely technical solution of "immutability" is no longer sufficient. Instead, process security is used as a central criterion.


Once the main points

  • the personnel separation of the administration from the user group
  • the container technology within the archiving software
  • the exact description of all processing steps

are fulfilled, the issuance of the certificate follows in most cases.

Container technology

The term "container technology" describes one of the main tasks of archiving software: documents are initially stored by the system on fast temporary media in composite structures consisting of description and content data, the so-called data containers. Manipulation of the documents stored in the data containers by users or administrators is impossible without extensive knowledge regarding the internal structure of the container data.