Hardware at RITTER Technologie

As part of the technology lifecycle, we procure server systems, network components and other necessary hardware for our customers, which is used in our data center or in-house by our contractual partners. As a long-standing partner of numerous established manufacturers from the hardware and software environment, experienced, dedicated and highly qualified employees accompany the system operation, which we have discussed, planned and installed after in-depth analysis with the users.

UsabilityFrom the beginning

During operation, our certified personnel continuously monitor the processes in the entire network and immediately eliminate any errors that occur before they can cause massive disruptions to operations. We can manage all current operating systems and most of the known hardware and software components for our partners in this way. To complete the cycle, we are also available to upgrade existing systems.

In pre-tests, our employees check the smooth transition from "old to new" so that the full usability of the new system is guaranteed from day one. Of course, we also initiate a change of the existing system after consultation with you, if this can generate operational processes or cost optimization.


Thin clients

The days when only standard desktop systems were used are over. Currently, the focus is on reducing power consumption, noise, energy (heat) and maintenance costs. Companies with a large share of research and development have a massive interest in protecting their own data.

For this reason, there is a growing trend to provide as much information and applications as possible in a standardized way at central locations, e.g. in the company's own data center or in clouds, so that they can be accessed via a wide variety of client types. Whether the user chooses a 7-inch tablet or a CAD workstation with several 30-inch monitors is basically irrelevant. The central systems can be operated in the same way.

From our point of view, the use of thin clients is very economical.
-> Call us and let us convince you of our concepts.

Server and storage systems

Virtualization and more

Did you know that the energy costs consumed by a server (electricity, UPS, air conditioning) during a 5-year operating period exceed the acquisition costs? Not only resources like CPU performance, main memory or hard disk capacity should be considered for server selection. Fault tolerance can in many cases determine whether your data is still available. We deliver systems that work reliably in minimal space in cramped data centers, as well as servers that survive the proverbial 40 degrees in a broom closet.

Should I rely on virtualization? And if so, which one?
All that can be said is: it depends! The possible solutions do not allow only one correct answer. Availability, standardization, latencies, energy optimization, etc. are just some of the criteria you should consider. If you need support with questions about the appropriate choice of your servers and storage systems, don't hesitate to call us.

Special hardware

Capture, scan, print

We are also the right contact in the field of special hardware. Here everything revolves around:

  • Barcode scanner and printer
  • BDE
  • Time recording