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SMS - Service Management System

SMS - Service Management System

Projects and tasksCoordinate in a customer-oriented manner

Our web-based Service Management System (SMS) offers numerous, cleverly linked functions that customer-oriented companies need to coordinate their tasks and projects.

The basic functions include an ITIL-based service module and meaningful reporting. Deployed resources can be evaluated according to a wide range of criteria and transferred to standard ERP systems for billing, e.g. SAP or Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV.

Employee management

Control personnel capacities accurately and reliably.

Vacation & absence management

Planning includes consideration of vacation time, days absent, and substitutions.

Appointment management

Appointment management helps to organize internal meetings or conference calls.

Project Management

Uncomplicated and self-explanatory - the easy-to-use project management system.

Ticket system

Establish a top-level service system.

Working time recording

SMS allows recording to the minute.

At a glance

SMS - The perfect serviceand project management tool for SMEs

Discover the benefits of the Service Management System SMS from Ritter Technologie for your company.
We will be happy to advise you and support you during implementation:

  • Installation and support
  • Own data center - certified according to DIN EN ISO 27001
  • Selection of modules and linking with your basic systems, such as ERP or calendar
  • Individualization - perfectly tailored for your company
  • Training for your employees

Capacitiesplan with pinpoint accuracy

Control personnel capacities accurately and reliably with the integrated employee management. The assignment of competencies and working time models, together with the linked vacation and absence management, allows reliable deployment planning and calculation of projects and service routines - incl. assignment of various hourly rates, service contracts or quota discounts.

Linked appointment management

The integrated appointment management with unique references to customer accounts and projects, helps with the organization of internal meetings or telephone conferences and is also the basis for the recording of hours that must be assigned to customers or cost centers.

Vacation and absence management

A meaningful planning of projects or capacities includes a consideration of vacation times, absence days and substitutions. In addition to online vacation requests including release function, SMS offers a clear display of overlaps.

Project management made easy

Uncomplicated and self-explanatory - the easy-to-use project management system including time recording with monitoring function of target and actual times, facilitates personnel planning for complex projects as well as for targeted, sustainable routines in the area of service or acquisition thanks to competence assignments.

Ticket system for the best service

Establish a top-level service system: Combine various tools from SMS with the integrated ticket system. The assignment of employees, service contracts, SLA and service catalogs facilitates resource planning.

Exact working time recording

Precise time recording is indispensable for invoicing or business analyses of project or service work. SMS allows minute-by-minute recording - with assignment to ticket, task, project or cost center, including warnings in case of recording delays. Times are transferred directly to your standard ERP for billing. The possible integration of freelancers serves as their billing basis and completes your invoicing in a meaningful way.

"A flexible, modular service and project management system with simple structures but really clever links. Everything we used to have to bring together from different systems can now be found quickly and clearly in one place."