Data center

Ensuring the operational readiness

It is the most important goal in a centralized data center deployment. Only when all components work together in a flawless interaction is unrestricted use of the service possible for the end user.

Typical critical factors are:

  • Connections to providers
  • Power supply
  • Monitoring
  • Data storage
  • Data backups
  • Air conditioning
  • Access, entry

Extensive measures have been taken for hosting in our data center to achieve the necessary stability for critical enterprise applications (see diagram: Structure RZ Oberhausen). Our data center services include the following:

  • Construction or upgrade of data centers and server rooms owned and operated by the customer
  • Individual planning and secure operation of dedicated infrastructure environments at Ritter Technologie's data center in Oberhausen, Germany
  • Efficient resource utilization through dynamic application provisioning (see scheme: DAB) on a monthly rental basis, including all necessary licenses for the software required for meaningful operation.
  • Access, entry

At a glance

RITTER Technologie.Scheme data center

We are certified

The certification body of TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH certifies that the company Ritter Technologie GmbH, Essener Straße 2-24, 46047 Oberhausen (Germany) has implemented and applies an information security management system in accordance with the "Declaration of Applicability" for the adjacent scope. By means of an audit, report no. 707066405, evidence was provided that the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2017 are fulfilled. This certificate is valid from 12.12.2020 to 11.12.2023.

The scope of the ISMS of Ritter Technologie GmbH covers the location Oberhausen, Essener Straße 2-24, using DIN EN ISO 27001:2017, for the service profile "Innovative and secure IT solutions, consulting, infrastructure, data center operation, software & services".

Remote Desktop Services

We use remote desktop services of various levels of sophistication to provide entire work environments (shared desktops) or individual special applications, because each technology has its own individual benefits. We always keep the exact requirements of our customers in mind and select the right technology.