Cost-efficient solutionsfor your company

In most cases, professional and extensive technical-organizational equipment requires much higher investments than an existing budget allows. We offer you cost-efficient solutions that optimize your liquidity and additionally demonstrate a high degree of up-to-dateness. Be it the establishment of extensive -> IT infrastructures, the hosting as well as the creation of your web presence, the use of a standard, industry or individual solution up to the provision of specialized personnel by our partners to fill your functional positions (DSB, FaSi etc.): We will work with you to find the right solution. Our professionally qualified and experienced employees professionally look after your hardware, software and the management systems adapted to your company, which are provided by us. Take advantage of the high-end components of our data center.

The basically scalable use of the components can be optimally adapted to your needs and goals. This is also possible at very short notice - and all this at a fair price as well as with high security through redundancy. Increase the efficiency of your company with applications adapted to your needs, which optimize your processes and are available online. Secure yourself legally as well: Legal requirements, such as labor or data protection, must be met, right up to obtaining certifications, e.g. quality management system. All this is professionally supervised by us. If desired, we can also support you with our partners in filling your legally required functional positions for the data protection officer, the company physician or the occupational safety specialist.


Our services for you

We offer you a comprehensive service in all the areas mentioned. And this at a fraction of the cost that would be incurred if your company were to implement the solution autonomously, i.e. on its own responsibility. Of course, we also offer partial outsourcing in addition to the overall solution. Please contact us. We look forward to supporting you.

Outsourcing. The Essentials:
  • Optimization of your processes
  • Universal approach. 360 degree perspective
  • Fair pricing that adapts to your budget