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RITTER Smart Building

With RITTER smart building and our partner Loxone, you transform your house or apartment from a home into a safe oasis. The increase in your well-being through Ritter smart building is reinforced by the side effect of an optimized energy balance. This goal is achievable through one-time installation costs, which are subsidized by the state if the right conditions are met, and low running costs. You have probably already created some prerequisites. For example, an Internet connection. You also have a smartphone or tablet for central control.

Most importantly, by optimizing your electricity consumption and heating and air conditioning costs, the expected savings are higher than the running costs. In this way, the installation expenses are recouped over time. With Ritter smart building, your home gets to know you: Depending on the time, brightness, temperature, etc., your installations and devices, such as electric blinds, air conditioning, TV, heating and much more, are regulated and controlled.

RITTER Smart Building

Typical application scenariosfor your home

  • No unnecessary heating of the apartment when no one is in the house.
  • Without being present in the house, you register via your smartphone who has just rung your doorbell.
  • Control lights, blinds and heating with one command, e.g. for a movie night.
  • You want to ventilate a room? No problem. In this room the heating automatically turned off.
  • Automatic control is not only performed on weekdays and weekends; holidays are also taken into account.

What are the advantages of RITTER Smart Building?

  • Applicable throughout the house
  • Low running costs
  • Potential savings
  • Environmentally friendly
  • State funding possible
  • Conserves energy consumption
  • Constant availability
  • Future-proof
  • Platform-independent
  • Tax software free of charge

What functions does RITTER Smart Building offer?

  • Learning mode (absence simulation)
  • Intelligent pet flap (volume measurement)
  • Access control
  • Light control
  • End device control
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Alarm functions
  • Door control (also via smartphone)
  • Multimedia control
  • And much more