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BOC IT-Security GmbH = 100% WatchGuard

Success through specialization: BOC IT-Security exclusively sells and supports IT security solutions from the manufacturer WatchGuard: Hardware & Cloud Firewall/VPN Appliances, Mobile User Access, Wireless Infrastructure, Multifactor Authentication and Endpoint Security.

We have been working with WatchGuard products on a daily basis for more than 25 years. Competence and know-how characterize us as a partner for WatchGuard installations of any size. With eleven service and technical locations, we are the only WatchGuard Platinum Partner in Germany and beyond.



WatchGuard Firebox appliances and security services are designed to be easy to deploy, use and manage. They also offer an outstanding level of security. The unique approach to network security enables organizations of any size or technical expertise to achieve world-class enterprise-level security.


WatchGuard's Secure Wi-Fi Solution marks a significant advancement in today's market. This solution creates a protected Wi-Fi environment, eliminates management overhead and provides significant cost savings. The combination of powerful management, analytics and in-depth visualization gives organizations the stability and reliability that is essential in today's business world.


By using WatchGuard AuthPoint, you can easily close security gaps caused by weak or stolen passwords with easy-to-use multi-factor authentication in the cloud. WatchGuard's unique approach uses the "DNA of the smartphone" as an identification factor, allowing only the authorized person to gain access to sensitive networks and cloud applications.


WatchGuard Endpoint Security is a cloud-native, advanced endpoint security portfolio that protects organizations of all sizes from current and future cyberattacks. The leading WatchGuard EPDR solution, powered by artificial intelligence, immediately enhances the security posture of organizations. By integrating Endpoint Protection (EPP) and Detection and Response (EDR) with Zero Trust Application and Threat Hunting Services, it provides a comprehensive security solution.